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The community of St. Pius V exists to treasure and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and educate each student in a spirit of faith and academic excellence according to Roman Catholic principles.


St. Pius V Catholic School is a pastoral and educational instrument of St. Pius V Catholic Church. As an educational ministry in the parish, the school has the obligation to fulfill the educational mission of the Catholic Church, and has as its primary goal the continuous formation of the Christian person. We, at St. Pius V Catholic School, acknowledge that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children, and are charged with the challenging task of creating a family atmosphere animated with love and reverence for God and all people. We are privileged to assist parents in the task of educating their children. The focus of St. Pius V Catholic School is on the person’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development. It is the joint responsibility of students, teachers, and parents to make St. Pius V School a faith-filled community where the primary purpose of education, helping students reach their potential, is enlivened by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity. The aim and desired result is to graduate students who are well versed in the Catholic faith, Christian in their attitude and outlook, and academically prepared to continue their education.


St. Pius V Catholic School is accredited by the Texas catholic Conference Education Department(recognized as an official accrediting body by the Texas Educational Agency). The school is also a member of the National Catholic Educational Association.

Student PopulationAverage Class Size - 20 Students
Grade LevelsPre-K through 8th Grade
School MascotDragon
School ColorsGreen,
Blue & White
School MottoEducation, Formation & Grace since 1947


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