Middle School

By Middle School, students are exploring the application of the subjects they have been learning up to this point.  There are five Middle School teachers, each specializing in one of the core subjects.

Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are the foundation of the Middle School Religion curriculum.  A deeper relationship with God and a deeper understanding o our Roman Catholic faith are strengthened through our series, Be My Disciple.  Weekly liturgies, daily morning prayer, and community service are some of the opportunities for faith development and spiritual growth at St. Pius V Catholic School.  Special feast days are celebrated such as Our Lady of Guadalupe and our patron saint, St. Pius V.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is honored during the month of October and with a May crowning and a Holy Rosary recital.  Other devotions, such as Stations of the Cross, are practiced throughout the Liturgical seasons.

In Language Arts and English, students develop their familiarity with oral and written conventions.  Students will read and discuss class novels, summarizing, comparing, and evaluating the different authors and genres.  In turn, they will produce their own written works analyzing the books and expressing their own opinions about the topics that were covered.  Through the reading and writing, students are able to apply what they learn in the English classes concerning grammar, sentence structure, and style.

In Mathematics, students study number concepts, algebra, and geometry in more detail.  Their ability to work easily with numbers and number concepts will be practiced and applied, creating a connection between what they are learning in Mathematics and Science, as how these concepts are used in daily life.

Middle School Science expands the students’ understanding of how the world around them works.  Students receive a general introduction to the life, earth, and physical sciences. Students are required to participate in the school Science Fair.  This is an opportunity for them to use the Scientific Method first hand.

Social Studies focuses on the ability to recognize vital connections between the past and present, distinguish between imperative and non-imperative text, as well as understand historical eras. Analyzing primary sources, biographies, legends, and narrative artifacts from our past is highly encouraged to foster students’ understanding of historical events by revealing the thought process of the people associated with these significant times.  Students will develop intense critical think­ing skills that historians use when studying how the past is related to the present.

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