St. Pius V Catholic School has evolved and grown from its founding in 1947, and technology has become an integral part of the school community. St. Pius V Catholic School has made a commitment to create a seamless and dynamic IT infrastructure. The technology will empower our teachers and students: preparing our students for the future and giving our teachers the tools they need to enhance their instructional learning environment.  St. Pius V Catholic School recognizes that the use of technology plays an important role in improving the quality of instruction and is a tool for the entire learning community. Students graduating from St. Pius V Catholic School must possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex, global, and information-based society. Since technology is now so prevalent in society, it is also essential that St. Pius V Catholic School educate the students in the moral and Christian means of interaction and use of technology.  In all grade levels, students discuss the importance of digital citizenship and practice responsible computer behavior.  These expectations carry beyond the computer lab to the classroom and personal use of computers.

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